Kid Capri Breaks down his Involvment in Kendricks Lamars "DAMN' Album.

One of the biggest surprises about Kendrick Lamar’s recent album, DAMN., were multiple appearances by legendary hip-hop DJ Kid Capri, who is known for his famous ‘90s hip-hop mixtapes, production on early songs by rappers like Jay Z, and appearances on Def Comedy Jam. He contributes vocals to five songs on the album, typically delivering spoken introductions to the tracks. Genius recently caught up with Kid Capri to discuss his involvement in the album and his thoughts on the finished product.

He detailed how Kendrick first asked him to be part of DAMN.:

Kendrick reached out to me and asked me to come through. He sat there and told me what he was doing, what kind of album that he was making. When I thought about putting my presence on it, it made sense— it was definitely something I wanted to do… That’s how it happened, he called me and I went to a studio down in Manhattan and we just went in. This was about in January or Febuary. We didn’t really have a relationship before this; I met him maybe once or twice in different places. But this right here definitely brought us together.